Nagoya University Foreign Studies

Japanese Language Institute




Tuition and Fees

Application Fee



Tuition Fees Per Semester


Students matriculating under tuition-waiver student-exchange agreements will not be required to pay tuition or fees (including the application fee). Tuition and fees are non-refundable.


Type of Accommodation

Cost per Person per Month

Non-Refundable Entrance Fee

NUFS International House



Apartment House Arranged by NUFS (Proxy Friends Nisshin)

(excluding electricity charges)


Estimated Personal Expenses

JLI Program (CJPN & JLJSP) participants are strongly urged to bring adequate funds to cover their personal expenses in Japan. Although personal expenses vary from individual to individual, approximately 80,000 to 100,000 per month (including accommodation charges) should be adequate.


1. NUFS Exchange Student Scholarships
NUFS will make scholarships available to outstanding exchange students from universities/colleges with which NUFS has a student exchange agreement. The scholarship offers will be made through the contact persons at the partner institutions.

2. Japan Association of Student Services Organization (JASSO) Scholarships
JASSO awards several scholarships each year to JLI students. These scholarships consist of a monthly stipend of
80,000 (for living expenses, etc.). To be eligible, an applicant must plan to participate in an authorized exchange program for one academic year. After JASSO has granted a certain number of scholarships to NUFS, we then pass them on to our partner institutions for student nomination. JASSO scholarships fall into two broad categories:

General Program: JLJSP and CJPN students.

Short Program (English-taught): CJPN students only.