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Students studying at NUFS have several choices for living arrangements to best suit their individual needs. The university provides two housing types: an international student dormitory (International House) and individual, university affiliated apartments (Proxy Friends Nisshin). Weekend homestays are organised throughout the semester, but students may choose to search for their own long-term homestay living arrangements through local agencies. Living in your own apartment is also an option, but the university will not assist students in searching for or securing their apartment (we also cannot act as a guarantor). However, we would be glad to recommend local real estate agencies.

NUFS International House (I-House)

The sense of community and plentiful common rooms at I-House makes studying or mingling with fellow students from Japan, the Americas, Europe, Oceania, and other South East Asian easy. JLI students are given single-occupancy rooms, which should provide necessary retreat when you just need some time alone. Constructed in August 2001, each room is equipped with a balcony, bathroom, toilet, reverse cycle air conditioner, closet, bed, curtains, desk and chair, shelves, telephone (on-campus calls only), and refrigerator. For more information, see our NUFS I-House Guide.


           Type:  University-owned International Dorm

            Entrance Fee:  10,000 (upon move-in only)

           Student Rent:  26,000/month (including utilities)

           Rental Bedding: 6,300 (upon move-in only)

           Kitchen:  Communal (amenities not included)

           Shared PCs:  Available

           Internet:  WiFi and Shared PCs

           Curfew:  11:00pm Lock Out

           Laundry Facilities:  Communal (100 per cycle)


Proxy Friends Nisshin

Proxy Friends Nisshin is a typical Japanese studio apartment building that often appeals to students who prioritise independence. Each room has a kitchenette, bathroom, toilet, balcony, and closet. The university provides students with a bed, desk and chair, shelves, TV, reverse cycle air conditioner, and curtains to ease some of the burden of moving into an apartment in a new country. (Bedding requires a separate, once off rental fee of ¥6300.) In your free time, we recommend exploring the quaint castle, Shinto shrine, and Buddhist temple nestled in the hills behind the complex or dining out with friends at a wide variety of reasonably priced restaurants in the neighbourhood. For more information, see our Proxy Friends Nisshin Guide.


           Type: University Affiliated Studio Apartment Complex

           Entrance Fee: 10,000 (upon move in only)

           Student Rent: 31,500/ month (incl. water and internet)

           Rental Bedding: 6,300 (upon move in only)

           Kitchen: Kitchenette (in all rooms)

           Shared PCs: Not Available

           Internet: Available (WiFi router not provided)

           Curfew: None

           Laundry Facilities: Communal style (200 per cycle)