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Department of English Language Teaching

Our aim is to train English teachers with a more international mindset
Educators from English-speaking countries are consistently surprised by the Japanese education system, which only teaches knowledge, and not the means to gain knowledge for oneself. The reason for this trend is that education in Japan today is mostly carried out for the purpose of achieving good results on exams. What educators want to concentrate on the most is how to stimulate children’s desire to learn and their curiosity, and how to ensure that the English they learn will prove to be useful for them later in life. One of the most important issues is changing the English language education system so that the English language learners will be able to communicate using English as a tool of communication with others around the world.

Training English teachers who have the language skills as well as the ability to teach in the age of globalization

In the Department of English Language Teaching, in order to provide content-based education covering the four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening, a different content-based topic (i.e., a different theme) is studied every two weeks. In those two weeks, the students improve their language skills by reading, writing, and sharing their opinions in English. At the end of each two-week content-based topic, the students video record their discussion and then transcribe the discussion for the purpose of self-evaluation. From the third year, the specialized program consists of six English language courses and the English education field is studied in English through practical lessons that can be implemented immediately. Students will also engage in internship experiences in educational settings that are different from the conventional image of internships as being one-off educational training. We offer highly independent programs that range from teaching assistant internships at local kindergartens, elementary schools, and middle schools, as well as high schools and special need schools. In addition, students have the opportunity to go on study-abroad programs in the United States, as well as a study-abroad program that includes an internship opportunity either in primary and secondary schools in Australia. Furthermore, there are long-term study-abroad programs designed to allow students to obtain TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification. We train English teachers who have real communication ability based upon solid English language skills, international understanding, personal strength of character, and the ability to conduct communicative English classes. In addition, we focus on broadening students’ views and ways of thinking with the necessary humanistic skills necessary for being a teacher.

The Goal of the Department of English Language Teaching:

The goal of our department is to foster internationally-minded English teachers not only with a passionate enthusiasm for the teaching profession stemming from their own personal growth and richness of hearts and minds but also with a solid competence as education experts, and above all, with English prof iciency suff icient to conduct classes designed to help learners develop English communication skills.

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The Department of English Language Teaching has their own departmental website. For more information, please visit the website.

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