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Department of Japanese Studies

Building up both Japanese and English language skills by viewing them as two among many languages of the world
In the Department of Japanese Studies, Japanese is viewed not as the national language, but rather objectively, as just one of many languages throughout the world. Practical proficiency of the Japanese language is thoroughly trained in classes with a very limited number of students. The study of English as a common language of the world is also intended to serve as a mirror in which to view Japanese objectively. In particular, we offer a curriculum to develop interpersonal skills, which allows students to communicate with others while understanding different perspectives while improving their ability to write logically writing. After four years in our program, our graduates have the following capabilities: the ability to deepen their understanding while maintaining a firm grasp on problems and issues facing both Japan and the entire world; the ability to think from others' points of view; the ability to logically arrange information and ideas; the ability to express themselves in clear, concise and beautiful language (both written and oral); the ability to adapt flexibly to any situation; the ability to interview those whom one has met for the first time, and the ability to stand on stage and give presentations in front of others. Another distinctive feature of the department, in an attempt to place English as a required course in the “Plurilingualism Program” as well as the “Common Fundamental English Program”, is thorough guidance in English by native English speakers that enables students to study a high level of English.

Be a language expert and play an active role in media and translation industries or as a Japanese language teacher or English instructor.

We firstly aim for students to gain interpersonal skills, in which they can communicate using both Japanese and English equally. The Department has an enhanced curriculum and course contents to achieve the following goals: to gain a broad knowledge about Japan; to become an expert in Japanese language education; to gain Japanese language ability that can be utilized in the media and translation industries; and to become a teacher in language education.

Learn the Japanese language and culture from a different perspective and develop the ability to identify problems, to think logically, to express, to communicate and to persuade

There are an increasing number of people studying the Japanese language and using it in work and everyday life after becoming interested in contemporary Japanese culture such as Anime and J-pop. As you learn about Japanese culture and history again to meet the needs of these people, you will be surprised by its depth and diversity. This also means that you will find your roots and background as Japanese. Before going out to encounter different cultures, it is best to first objectively understand about Japan and the Japanese language, then develop your ability to properly explain about Japan and the Japanese language.

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The Department of Japanese Studies has their own departmental website. For more information, please visit the website.

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