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Student Services

Learn about services provided by the International Office.


Adjusting to a new country and university can be challenging. The International Office (IO) is there to help. The IO supports international students with everyday needs like orientation sessions, accommodation, language exchange program at “Language Lounges,” visa applications, finances, interpreting/translation services for medical aid, and information on the local area. With our English-speaking Student Service Staff at IO, guaranteed student housing, and provision of scholarships, NUFS provides student services and support from both the academic and daily-life perspectives, ensuring that exchange students receive all the assistance they may require.
  • Airport pick-up
Students arriving at Central Japan International Airport (Centr'air) on designated dates can request a free of charge airport pick-up. Please make sure to submit your arrival information sheet and your e-ticket/booking confirmation on time!

  • Post-arrival paperwork
Settling in a new country usually requires a lot of paperwork but fear not, we're here to help! During orientation sessions after your arrival, we will help you open your Japanese bank account, register your domicile at the local city hall, sign up for the National Health Insurance and take care of other necessary procedures.

  • Multilingual support
Don't feel sure about your Japanese language skills? Don't worry! In addition to Japanese, our International Office staff is fluent in English, French and other languages, so there is no fear of language barrier!

  • Resident Assistants
Our domestic NUFS students will be living with you in the dormitories and serve as your Residence Assitants (RAs). They will be there to support and help you with your daily life matters. This will give you even more opportunities to interact with Japanese students and practice your Japanese. Naturally, all our RAs our bilingual, so you don't need to worry if you're not fluent enough in Japanese.

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