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Nisshin Campus

Main Building

1F Student Affairs, Career Support Center

Building 1

4F Department of French Studies
3F Department of Chinese Studies
1F Academic Affairs
General Affairs

Building 2

5F・6F Department of World Liberal Arts
4F 244 Computer room
3F 231 Computer room
234 Computer room
2F 225 Computer room

Building K

3F K305 Computer room
K306 Computer room
2F School of Contemporary International Studies

Building 5

5F Department of International Japanese Studies
4F Graduate School
3F 531 Computer room
Speaking Lab
1F Foyer
Yamazaki Y-shop (Convenience Store)
Auditorium 511
Airline Lounge

Building 6

5F 654 Computer room
4F 644 Computer room
645 Computer room
2F・3F Department of British and American Studies

Building 7

4F Media, Information and Data Science Center
LTC, Language Training Center
TOEIC & TOEFL Study Support
Power-up Tutorial
2F The English Language Teaching Major
Course of Study for Teaching Profession
1F Cafeteria, Lounge
B1F Auditorium 701

Building 8

2F Department of Global Governance and Collaboration

East Building

3F Simultaneous interpretation room
2F Audio Visual Hall
1F E11 Computer room
Atrium space

Communication Plaza

3F Office of International Studies and Exchange
International Institute for Japanese Language Education
2F Language Lounge
Computer available space
1F Maruzen Bookstore
Reception of Language learning course and exam
Café ju:


3F Arena
2F Sub Arena, Club rooms
B1F Training room
1st Multipurpose Hall

Les Halles

1F Healthcare room, Counselling room


South Cafeteria
Seven-Eleven (Convenience Store)
2nd Sports Ground
2nd Multipurpose Hall
3rd Multipurpose Hall
Tennis Court (Minamiyama)
Tennis Court (Takenoyama)
International House
NUFS Global Village