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Cultural clubs and circles

Sound Club

If you want to play in a band, join the Sound Club!

We are the Sound Club! We meet every Friday while eating lunch. We welcome not only experienced players but also beginners.
Let’s all enjoy playing in a band together!


You can enjoy learning English!

Our E.S.S. is divided into the Guide Section and the Drama Section. The guide section shows foreign visitors to places such as Nagoya Castle, while the drama section performs plays and musicals. Both sections are carried out in English, so you will naturally learn English. Beginners are very welcome too! Please feel free to visit us.

Chinese Study Society

Let’s all enjoy Chinese together!

Ni hao! Our Chinese language study group involves direct interaction with exchange students from China. Even if you are a beginner or in a different department, you are welcome to share with us our interest in Chinese culture and drama. We are waiting for you!

Theatrical Company Saru

Even beginners can appear on the stage after 2 to 3 months of practice! We hear “I want to be an actor again” from shy people once they've had their stage debut. You can play with the lights and sound, so our company is also suitable for those who like machines. We also make our own advertisements, so basically we can do anything we want!

Japanese Club

We have many opportunities to interact with the international students.

The main event of our club is the “International Students Welcome Project," but we also organize the Tanabata Festival, Christmas Party, and are also active in the Japanese Lounge, so you will have many opportunities to interact with the international students and make many friends.

French Club “Eiffel”

We are active every Thursday after lectures. It’s only once a week but you will be exposed to French culture including interaction with the international students and watching movies in French. Students from other departments are very welcome too. We are happily active together so please come and visit us!

Wind Orchestra

Play and enjoy! Beginners are very welcome!

We play various genres from pop music that everyone knows to classical music! We play at various events on- and off-campus. We are usually active in a friendly atmosphere, but we will be serious when it’s necessary. Join the Wind Orchestra if you are interested in music regardless of experience and gender!

Live SounDs CLUB

Why not play fun music together?

We are active focusing on acoustic guitar. We are a unique club as we forbid electric guitars and drums! Everyone is happily active together and we are all enjoying music. Most members are beginners so please join us if you have even a little interest in our club.

Movie Club

Why not make a movie with us?

Hello, we are the Movie Club. We are only active once a week so you will feel free to participate. Our members are happily active together and many of them make friends easily. We make not only movies but also hold events such as the welcome party for new students and the Christmas party. We also watch movies too. You can join our club anytime (regardless of which year you are in).

Photography Club

Let’s get in touch with cameras! The world of photography is so fun.

Our main activity is seasonal photo sessions so we visit many places and each member freely takes photographs. Other than camps and camera lectures, we host photograph exhibitions with other universities every winter. Why not enjoy the world of photography with fun company?

Jazz Club

Do you like music, jazz or instruments? Members wanted☆

What do you think when you hear the word jazz?! Your dad? Old? That’s not true! Young people play jazz too! We mainly play jazz but we also play pop and funk rock! Beginners who have never listened to jazz are welcome! Any instrument is welcome too!

Simultaneous Interpreting Club

How can we be friends with the international students in this club?

Our main activity is to study what we need for interpreting. We regularly invite international students. Each time one of the members will decide what to study on that day, so it will be suitable for all levels of ability. Please come to the Simultaneous Interpreting Room on the 3rd Floor of the E Block of you want to study interpretation and languages.

Acapella Club La Voix

Let’s sing acapella!

We are an acapella club which means singing songs without instrumental accompaniment, while focusing on harmonized singing with a rhythm unit consisting of voice percussion and bass. Most members began performing acapella in university. Beginners are very welcome! Each of us has our own bands with friends and senior students, and we practice seriously every day. Various bands are practicing even when it is not our activity day, so you can come and visit us anytime. Please do contact us if you want to come and see us or if you have a question. Let's sing together!! Our seniors are all kind☆

Tea Ceremony Club

Beginners are welcome! Let’s make contact with the heart of tea.

You can learn Japanese hospitality manners and calm gestures through lessons and tea ceremonies. You might have an impression that it is “serious,” but we are happily active together! You get to interact with the international students and obtain a diploma. We welcome beginners and men, so feel free to contact us anytime if you want to visit us.

Children’s English Club

We love children and we love English!

Our activities are held at an orphanage near the university. This allows us to study with middle school students, play English games with elementary school students, and have other activities with all children. If you are the sort of person who loves children and want to volunteer with us, then please, please get in contact with us!

International Communicators Club

Join our club if you want a fun university life!

Usually our main activity is to study interpreting, and we learn not only simple interpreting but also about different cultures. We help run the Student Interpretation Contest which is held once a year in December. The contest is unique to our university – students from all over Japan gather and develop their interpretation skills.

Performance Club

Mastering an art will be useful at some time!

Have you ever experienced being in trouble because someone ask you to do something cool? Don’t you think it would be awesome if you could perform card or coin tricks, or juggle things that are available?
Of course beginners are welcome so please come and visit us!

Volunteer Club Links

Anyone is very welcome.

We welcome anyone who wants to contribute to international society or to start something new in university. You will get to experience things that will lead to developing yourself, such as participating in events and interact with many people or plan an event yourself.

Kado Flower Arranging Club

Beginners are welcome!

You might have an impression that Kado it is serious and difficult, but the teacher is a cheerful and a very funny person, so we also enjoy chatting during our activities♪
Why not acquire one part of traditional Japanese culture before you go abroad to study?