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Department of Global Business

Grasp global trends and make decisions with your advanced English skills and business acumen to succeed in the global marketplace
In the Japanese business scene, with the advancement of globalization, it is becoming more and more common for not only large corporations, but also for small and medium-sized enterprises to encounter companies and people in other nations. It is important to enhance the English skills you need to succeed in the global marketplace in order to survive in this global society. Simply being able to speak English at a conversational level will not allow you to truly shine in the business world. The English language skills required are not only the language itself, but also the ability to understand your own business skills and what is happening around the world, and at the same time, the ability to express your opinions.

Fostering, through education unique to NUFS, personnel who are capable of playing an active role in various business fields including global corporations

Our aim in the Department of Global Business is to provide an education to foster leaders in global business practices and to develop personnel who are capable of playing an active role in overseas departments or foreign companies frequently in communication with overseas branch offices.
The Department of Global Business has a combined four-field curriculum which includes a management track, a marketing track, a finance track and an accounting track to develop personnel who can manage in the global business environment. In addition to that, students will improve their ability to independently find and solve problems, learn to suggest, persuade, propose and analyze information that is required in today's society based upon a foundation of English as the common language of the world.

We offer unique overseas internships including “Toyota Canada Operation”

We have established overseas internship programs, unique to the department, to develop global human resources who can work without being conscious of borders. We offer the “Toyota Canada Operation” program in which students can learn all about the operations of Toyota Motor Corporation from importation to local sales. In the “Australia Internship” program, in partnership with Toyota Tsusho Corporation, students experience the forefront of a global Japanese corporation as well as learning practical work processes.

“Business Research”: extracurricular lessons where students will directly learn about global business

“Business Research” are extracurricular lessons unique to the Department of Global Business. Throughout the four years, students will learn, in both lectures and practical sessions: Business Research I (local industry research/ first year) ⇒ Business Research II (extracurricular corporate research and seminar research meeting/ second year) ⇒ Business Research III (global leader seminar/ third year) ⇒ Business Research IV (graduation thesis presentation/ fourth year).

For more information about the Department of Global Business

The Department of Global Business has their own departmental website. For more information, please visit the website.

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