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Department of Chinese Studies

Personnel with outstanding communication skills in Chinese are constantly in demand as China is gaining prominence as the world’s largest economy
One in five people in the world are Chinese, and without a doubt the most widely-spoken language in the world is Chinese. China has rapidly transformed itself from being “the factory of the world” to “the market of the world”, and is regarded as one of the most significant overseas locations. To secure human resources for these purposes, personnel with not only the ability to communicate in English but also in Chinese are constantly in demand. As China increases its presence on the world stage, it is an urgent task for Japan to engage with China and learn more about the country.

Our aim is to help students acquire practical language skills and an international mindset in order to play an active role in global companies centered in Japan and Asia

Mastering pronunciation is the most fundamental part of learning Mandarin Chinese. The meanings of syllables change depending upon the pitch with which they are spoken, while further expression is possible through a complex interplay of mouth and tongue to make subtle changes in timbre, as well as the force of the breath upon exhalation. Only those who have thoroughly grasped the above can truly be able to communicate in Chinese. This is why native Chinese instructors provide intensive training throughout the first and second years, focusing on pronunciation. From the second year onward, students participate in PUT (Power-Up Tutorial) classes with a very limited number of students in an attempt to speak Mandarin Chinese with more beautiful and correct pronunciation. It goes without saying that attention is also paid to improve students’ listening, reading and writing skills as well. We use Chinese websites, newspaper articles, advertisements, movies, novels and other original sources as educational material. These materials allow students to get a feel for the authentic values, lifestyles, and commercial practices of the language, while at the same time increasing students’ knowledge of the Chinese society. This will ultimately help students acquire conversational ability, reading comprehension, and writing ability, none of which can be achieved through the mere study of the language alone. At the same time, it is recommended that students develop their English language skills and business knowledge. Some students study abroad in China or Singapore to acquire both English and Chinese at the same time. The Department of Chinese Studies invites teachers from Japanese companies operating in China to provide students with business knowledge. We foster personnel who are capable of playing an active role in the global business environment by teaching students about economics and the business mindset.

Chinese major courses in the Department of Chinese Studies

Chinese Language and Chinese Studies Course

This is a course where students can gain sufficient Chinese language skills and get in touch with the essence of contemporary Chinese culture. We have established a course in which students learn Chinese with the aim of passing various Chinese language proficiency exams, and another course in which students study about lifestyles in modern China from different angles.

Chinese Business Course

As a result of the rapid economic growth in China, the Chinese language has become a useful and advantageous assess to have. As such, this course focuses on practical Chinese language use. In addition, we offer a course focusing on various Chinese language proficiency exams inducing BCT (Business Chinese Test), and another course in which students learn to read and analyze news and current affairs related to China that is useful in the business sector.

For more information about the Department of Chinese Studies

The Department of Chinese Studies has their own departmental website. For more information, please visit the website.

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