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International Programs

In order to meet its international education, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies (NUFS) offers diversified international programs.
The following are some of the major programs:

Reciprocal Student Exchange Programs

NUFS has a number of overseas partner institutions with which we operate reciprocal student exchange programs. Exchange students participating in this program spend one semester or one academic year at their host institutions. The exchange students pay tuition and fees to their home institution, and in return these charges are waived by the host institution. The number of students exchanged annually has been decided through consultation with our partners. Scholarships are available for both inbound and outbound students.

Programs for Inbound Students

The International Institute for Japanese Language Education (IJLE) offers a non-degree program to international students who would like to deepen their knowledge of the language and the culture of Japan, the Global Japan Program. This program is composed of the Japan Language Course (JLC) and Global Japan Studies Course (GJSC). Students in this program may choose Japanese language classes (JLC), English-taught classes looking into contemporary Japan from various perspectives such as business, culture, history or society (GJSC), or a combination of both. The participants of these programs are limited to exchange students from our partner institutions. The details can be found at here

Study Abroad Programs for Outbound Students

All the NUFS students who are enrolled in degree programs are eligible to participate in the following study abroad programs:

1. Short-term Study Tours

Each department offers Short-term Study Tours so as to provide the students with the opportunity to enhance their communicative skills in a foreign language as well as to deepen the awareness of foreign culture. Most of the tours are hosted by our partner institutions, and the duration of the study tour is normally one month. Participants are awarded credits.

2. Study Abroad Programs

There are two types of Study Abroad Programs: One is the Student Exchange Program, the other is the Tuition-Paying Study Abroad Program. Students need to go through a screening process to be selected as study abroad candidates. Participating students may spend one semester or one academic year at host institution and credits gained will be recognized by NUFS.

Related Programs

1. Visiting Lecturer Program

NUFS invites a number of visiting lecturers from our partner institutions. These visiting lecturers, employed by some of our departments, make a great contribution in the overall education of our students.

2. Student Interaction Programs

NUFS fosters student exchange on campus by creating a number of programs that are joined by both Japanese and international students, such as the Language Lounges and social gatherings.