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Buddy Program

The Buddy Program offers a support network in which NUFS students assist newly-arrived international students. The goal of the program is to facilitate the integration of international students into Japanese society and life at NUFS, and to develop ties between international and local students.

To make the beginning of your stay easier for you, we can connect you with buddies who would like to help you get to know the university and life in Japan. Basically, we will create a group of 2 to 3 NUFS students for each international student. Your buddies can help you answer any questions before and after your arrival in Japan. And by participating in this program, they hope to learn more about your culture as well. Many past students continue to interact with each other even after the buddy program is over, so it's a good opportunity to make friends in Japan.

Prior registration required to join this program. Participation is not mandatory, but it is recommended that you register for this program as many international students will need help when they arrive in Japan.

Main support from NUFS buddies

Before coming to Japan

Online meetups with NUFS buddies via email and zoom.
Your NUFS buddies will answer your questions and provide information about life in Japan and NUFS, etc.

After coming to Japan

Please tell your NUFS buddies what kind of support you need. They will help you as much as they can.
(e.g.) campus tour, shopping assistance, assistance for opening an account at Japan Post Bank, etc.

* International students must open their own account at the Japan Post Bank by themselves. The International Office will provide you with information on how to open an account.


From one month before coming to Japan until the end of the spring semester 2024 (1 semester)

Participation fee



・Be a new incoming international student
・Be active when communicating with your NUFS buddies
・Be willing to learn from your NUFS buddies
・Be respectful of cultural, religious, political, racial and sexual orientation differences
・Be willing to devote time with your NUFS buddies (especially during the first few weeks of the semester)
・Be respectful to one another
・Do not take advantage of your NUFS buddies


・The International Office will provide participants' email addresses to their NUFS buddies.
・Personal information such as buddy's contact information should be used only for mutual contact, and should never be transferred or disclosed to a third party.
・Please meet with your NUFS buddies in a public place until a sufficient relationship of trust is established.

Registration - Spring Semester 2024 -

Please submit the registration form (link below) by January 26, 2024. [Japan Time]


1. The International Office will begin the matching process in late January.
2. NUFS buddies will reach out to their international buddies in mid-February.


NUFS International Office