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Program Highlights

Find out more about the characteristics of our Global Japan Program!

Program Highlights

This program is characterized by three features:
(1)Effective Japanese language classes fine-tuned to students’ needs:
  • Small groups;
  • Classes offered at different proficiency levels;
  • Various core language classes and applied skills classes addressing students’ individual needs;
  • Different studying modules varying in intensiveness.

(2)Horizon-broadening English-taught classes exploring various aspects of contemporary Japan
  • Classes conducted jointly for domestic and exchange students alike;
  • Original curriculum addressing students’ various needs;
  • Wide range of topics addressing various aspects of contemporary Japan from a truly global perspective (e.g. Toyota Management);
  • Numerous opportunities for students to gain more in-depth knowledge not only through classroom learning but fieldwork and extramural research activities.

(3)Japanese culture & hands-on experience-based program taking advantage of the University’s central location in the country (no credit)
  • Day trips and excursions held nearly every week
  • Workshops: ikebana (flower arrangement), tea ceremony, pottery making, soba (buckwheat) noodles making, Zen meditation;
  • Study tours: Ninja Village, Ise Grand Shrine, sumo games, visits to museums and galleries;
  • Overnight study tours each semester
  • Kyoto, Nara, Shirakawa Village, Eiheiji Temple
  • A variety of workshops allowing students to experience Japanese culture more thoroughly than through sightseeing alone.

Entry Requirements

  • Must be enrolled in and recommended by one of our partner institutions.
  • A strong recommendation from staff at home institution.

Registration Rules

Students can design their own enrollment pattern composed of the courses offered above. However, they must enroll in at least 7 classroom hours per week excluding intensive courses held during longer breaks. This rule is stipulated by the immigration authorities and must be observed in order for students to retain the college student visa.