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Students need to obtain an overseas travel and health insurance policy (which covers for entire period of stay in Japan) in their home country.

National Health Insurance

In addition to the travel and health insurance obtained in the home country, students staying in Japan for 3 months or more is obligated to enroll in the National Health Insurance program. When visiting medical institutions, you will be exempt from 70% of medical and pharmaceutical fees by showing your National Health Insurance card.

1. Registration procedures
Register for the National Health Insurance at the municipal office after completing resident registration in your local municipal office.

2. Health insurance premium
Approximately ¥2,000 per month

3. Coverage
When receiving treatment for injuries or illnesses, you have to present your insurance card to be eligible for the discounted payment. Since 70% of the total medical cost is covered by the National Health Insurance, you will need to pay 30% of the total medical bill. Take note that the medical cost for treatments not covered by the insurance scheme has to be paid in full at your own expense.
The National Health Insurance program has a system for refunding medical expenses that exceed your individual limit if your medical costs in a single month are high. In addition, if you need to be hospitalized, etc., you can apply for and receive an eligibility certificate that entitles you to receive the ceiling amount in advance. This will allow you to keep the amount you pay at the hospital to your individual limit.

4. Ineligible Cases for Insurance Benefits
①Medical examinations and treatments where insurance does not apply, bed fee difference, meal fee borne by patient while hospitalized, cost of materials, etc.
②Health checks
④Cosmetic surgery
⑥Normal childbirth or abortion for economic reasons (abnormalities during delivery shall be covered by insured medical treatment.)
⑦Injuries Sustained during work (Such cases are covered by worker's compensation insurance)

5. More details
If you need more information, refer to the link below. This link is for Nagoya City, but it's the same in Nisshin City.