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How To Apply

We have extended the application deadline to apply in Fall 2020 until April 13 due to COVID-19.
Students from partner institutions interested in applying for one of our three study abroad programs (Global Japan Program, Study Abroad Program at NUFS Undergraduate and Graduate Schools, and Study Abroad - Language Teaching Practicum Program) can find information on the step by step application process here.


Applicants are required to have a cumulative GPA (Grade Point Average) of 2.0 or higher (4.0 scale).
If your GPA is below 2.0, you will be reviewed on a case by case basis.


After gaining nomination for participation in the study abroad program at NUFS from your home university, download the application package for the program of your choice, fill out the Application Form, and email it (must be submitted in the excel (.xls or .xlsx) format, not .pdf or other file types such as .ods or .numbers etc.) together with a copy of the front information pages of your current passport to Please be aware that application documents vary slightly depending on the program, so make sure you download the right application package.


After receiving your Application Form and passport copy, we will send you a confirmation email together with a request to submit the following application documents (all documents with the exception of the four photographs can be sent by email):
01. Application Form (print out the Application Form you emailed in STEP 1, fill out the date, sign the form and send the scan by email);
02. Four portrait photographs (physical photographs taken by a photographer or at a photo booth to be sent by airmail*; see the Immigration Bureau's website and the “Photo Requirements” document for details);
03. Bank Statement (issued on or after December 31, 2019, by email)
04. Housing Application Form (by email);
05. Japanese Language Ability Questionnaire for Global Japan Program (click links below to open the questionnaires in a new window)
a) To be filled out by ALL students applying for Global Japan Program(Fall semester 2020)
b) To be filled out by Japanese language instructors of students applying for Global Japan Program, who have taken/are taking Japanese language classes at their home university(Fall semester 2020)
OR Copy of JLPT Certificate for Study Abroad Program at NUFS Undergraduate and Graduate Schools applicants (neither required for Language Teaching Practicum applicants);
06. Medical Information Form (scanned pdf of the original filled out by a physician);
***Students with preexisting medical conditions should make sure to stay in touch with the physician in charge of their treatment in the home country, as some medical services or treatments may not be available in Japan.***
07. Medical Liability Release Agreement for any condition, treatment or medication mentioned in 6) Medical Information Form above (not required in case no condition, treatment or medication has been mentioned in the Medical Information Form; pdf by email);
08. Official academic transcript (by email);
09. Personal Reference filled out by your instructor, academic/student advisor, or coordinator at your home university (by email; personal reference included in the Application Form for Study Abroad Program at NUFS Undergraduate and Graduate Schools applicants);
10. Scholarship Application Form (signed pdf by email);
11. Certificate of Eligibility Application Form (fill out all parts in yellow and red in the first two sheets. Please use Microsoft Excel and email the excel file (.xls) back to If you fill out the form using Numbers or another program, it may not work in Excel properly and we may be unable to submit it to the Immigration Bureau).
*Mailing address
International Office
Nagoya University of Foreign Studies
57 Takenoyama, Iwasaki-cho, Nisshin, Aichi
470-0197 JAPAN


After the documents from STEP 2 have been successfully processed, your Acceptance Package will be sent out to you by email. Once you have received the Package you will need to fill out your Arrival Information Form and email it to us together with a copy of your e-ticket (


We will apply for Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) on your behalf to the Immigration Bureau in Nagoya. This will be your supporting document for your Japanese college student visa. Once the application has been completed, we will send your CoE to your home university by express airmail. With the CoE you will need to apply for your college student visa at a Japanese embassy/consulate nearest to your place of residence prior to your arrival in Japan.


After you’ve received your Japanese college student visa, you’re all set. Have a safe trip and see you in Nagoya!

Please download the application package for the program of your choice and download and read the instructions (checklist) below carefully to make sure all the required documents are ready before you mail out the document package.

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