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How To Apply

Students from partner institutions interested in applying for one of our student exchange programs (Global Japan Program, Study Abroad Program at NUFS Undergraduate and Graduate Schools, and Study Abroad - Language Teaching Practicum Program) can find information on the step by step application process here.

Nomination & Application Deadline

Nomination Deadline
Fall admission: March 15
Spring admission: October 15

Application Deadline
Fall admission: March 31
Spring admission: October 31


Applicants are required to have a cumulative GPA (Grade Point Average) of 2.0 or higher (4.0 scale) .

Application Timeline

Semester Month Things to do
Fall March 31 Application deadline for Fall Semester
Early May Receive acceptance package from NUFS
June Arrival Information Sheet deadline
Early August Receive CoE from NUFS
Mid-August Apply student visa at the Enbassy of Japan
Late August Arrive in Japan
Spring October 31 Application deadline for Spring Semester
Early December Receive acceptance package from NUFS
January Arrival Information Sheet deadline
Early March Receive CoE from NUFS
Mid-March Apply student visa at the Enbassy of Japan
Late March Arrive in Japan


The Exchange Student Nomination is the first step for students from exchange partner institutions wishing to spend one semester or one academic year at the Nagoya University of Foreign Studies (NUFS). Nominations must be submitted by the exchange coordinator at the sending institution on behalf of each student seeking an exchange placement. Please send the following information to

≪Nominated Student Information≫
1. Student Name
2. Student Email Address
3. Enrollment Duration (one semester or one academic year)
4. Intended Academic Program of Study
 ("Global Japan Program", "Study Abroad at NUFS Undergraduate and Graduate Schools", or "Study Abroad - Language Teaching Practicum Program")

STEP 1 - Application -

After gaining nomination from the home university, students need to download the application package for the program of their choice, and start working on the following application documents and submit all of them by the deadline to
The application documents vary slightly depending on the program, so please download the right application package.
Please make sure to write your name and home institution's name in the email.

Application Documents

01. Application Form
* please submit in the excel (.xlsx) format, not other file types such as .pdf, .ods, .numbers, etc.

02. Passport Copy of the front information page
* If you have visited Japan in the past, please also submit a copy of the pages with the visa stamps. If your visa stamps are on your old passport, please also submit the information page and visa stamps pages of your old passport.

03. Portrait Photograph;
・In color.
・Only the applicant.
・Taken within the past 3 months, showing current appearance.
・Do not wear a hat or headgear that obscures the hair or hair line.
・Full face, front view with a plain white or off-white background.
・There should be spaces above and beside the face.
・Head size and position: The head should be about 2.5cm from chin to the top of your head.
・in jpeg or jpg format.
・Photo file size must be under 50KB, and at 330 pixels wide x 440 pixels in height (3 x 4 cm) .

04. Official Academic Transcript
* Including the grading system of your university.

05. Bank Statement
* Please provide a bank statement, a letter from your bank confirming your funds, or a certificate of deposit. This document is required to show that you have adequate funds for your stay in Japan. It must have been issued no earlier than 3 months before the application deadline.
* The minimum required balance should amount to 40,000 yen for each month;
  ■ Study period of 1 academic semester: 40,000 yen x 5 months = 200,000 yen
  ■ Study period of 1 academic year: 40,000 yen x 10 months = 400,000 yen

06. Medical Information Form
* Scanned pdf of the original filled out by a physician.
* Students with preexisting medical conditions should make sure to stay in touch with the physician in charge of their treatment in the home country, as some medical services or treatments may not be available in Japan.

07. Medical Liability Release Agreement
* For any condition, treatment or medication mentioned in the Medical Information Form.
* You do not need to submit this agreement in case no condition, treatment or medication has been mentioned in the Medical Information Form.

08. Personal Reference
* It must be filled out by your instructor, academic/student advisor, or coordinator at your home university.

09. NUFS International Exchange Student Scholarship Application Form
* Please read "Regulations Governing Nagoya University of Foreign Studies Non-Degree Exchange Student Scholarships" before applying for the scholarship.

10. Housing Application Form;
* All exchange students are required to live in our dormitories. We provide single rooms only.

11. Copy of JLPT Certificate;
* Only applicants to the "Study Abroad Program at NUFS Undergraduate and Graduate Schools" should submit this certificate.
* N2 level certificate is required for Undergraduate courses, and N1 level certificate is required for Graduate school courses.

STEP 2 - Acceptance Package -

After the documents from STEP 2 have been successfully processed, the acceptance package will be sent out to you by email. It will be sent between mid-May and mid-June for the fall semester and between mid-December and mid-January for the spring semester.
Once you have received the Package, please read the documents carefully and follow the necessary procedures.

STEP 3 - Student Visa -

NUFS will apply for Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) on your behalf to the Nagoya Regional Immigration Services Bureau. This will be your supporting document for your student visa. Once the application has been completed, we will send the CoE to your home university by express airmail in June or July for the fall semester and in January or February for the spring semester. With the CoE, you need to apply for your student visa at a Japanese embassy/consulate nearest to your place of residence prior to your arrival in Japan.
For details on applying for a student visa, please check the website of the embassy or consulate, and if you have any questions, please contact them directly.

STEP 4 - Depart for Japan -

Once you have received the Japanese student visa and your flight ticket has been booked, you’re all set. Have a safe trip and see you in Nagoya!

Currently, new entry into Japan has been suspended. Once the immigration ban is lifted, we will confirm the announcement by the Japanese government and inform students of the necessary procedures for immigration.

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