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Credit Transfers

Information on Credit Transfers between NUFS and ECTS credits

The number of the credits students can obtain will be two for each classroom (contact) hour (90 minutes) a week per semester. When a course meets more than two classroom hours per week, the number of the credits will be multiplied by the number of the classroom hours.

Further, each NUFS credit is worth 1.5 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and accumulation System) credits. Taking the JL Intensive Course which meets 8 classroom hours a week as an example, a student who has completed the course successfully will receive 16 NUFS credits which is worth 24 ECTS credits. For more details on conversion between NUFS and ECTS credits for each course type, please refer to the chart below.
However, since NUFS is not responsible for the credit accreditation at your home institution, it is highly recommended that you check with your advisor or coordinator at your institution in advance.

Please note that exchange students need to enroll in at least 7 classroom hours/week each semester to retain their student visa status in Japan.

Courses Classroom hours per week (1 classroom hour = 90 minutes) NUFS credits per semester ECTS credits per semester
Japanese Language Courses (JLC)

(For the availability of the JLC, please see this page.)
JL core courses Intensive 8 16 24
Semi-intensive 4 8 12
Introductory 2 4 6
JL elective courses 1 2 3
Global Japan Studies Courses (GJSC) 1 2 3