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Credit Transfers

Find out what credit system is applied at NUFS and how to transfer our credits to ECTS.

Information on Credit Transfers between NUFS and ECTS credits

Credit transfer between countries and universities can be a challenging task. NUFS uses the Japanese credit system, whereby, in principal, 2 credits are awarded per semester for one classroom (contact) hour (90-minutes)/week course. This system differs largely from the credit systems used in Europe, North America or Australia. However, this was not the case with our Japanese Language Course core classes, which were worth only 1 credit for each classroom hour/week.

Since we revised our curriculum in Fall 2017 and in order to facilitate credit transfers for exchange students, we have decided to simplify our credit system making it easier to transfer credits to the ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). Students will receive two NUFS credits per semester for each classroom hour (90-minutes)/week course. Courses carried out with more than 1 classroom hour per week will be awarded with the appropriate number of credits, and so, for example, Japanese Intensive Course with 8 classroom hours per week will be awarded with 16 credits/semester.

Further, each NUFS credit is worth 1.5 European (ECTS) credits. Therefore, taking the Japanese Intensive Course as an example, a student who has completed the course successfully will receive 24 European (16 NUFS) credits per semester for this course. For more details on conversion between NUFS and ECTS credits for each course type, please refer to the chart below.

Exchange students need to enroll in at least 7 classroom hours/week each semester to retain their student visa in Japan. This will give them 14 NUFS (21 European) credits in total upon completion of the semester. This means that students wishing to receive 30 ECTS credits will need to enroll in 10 classroom hours per week.
Course/Class Classroom
Japanese: Intensive 8 16 24
Japanese: Semi-Intensive 4 8 12
Japanese: Introductory 2 4 6
Japanese Applied Skills
(Kanji, Projects, Reading, Composition)
1 2 3
Japan Studies Course (JSC) 1 2 3
*1 classroom (contact) hour = 90 minutes (2 NUFS credits/semester)
**ECTS = European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System