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Course Offerings

This tab provides detailed information on classes offered in Japanese Language Course and Global Japan Studies Course of the Global Japan Program.


This information is for Spring 2020. There will be curriculum changes in Fall 2020, and they will be available on this website soon.
1-1) Japanese Language Core Classes:
  • Intensive (8 classroom hours* per week, 16 credits per semester) is a comprehensive course composed of various communication activities carried out through practice of grammatical structures and forms, kanji, and the four linguistic skills. There are eight classroom hours per week in the course and students are expected to complete the beginner level in one year;(Corresponding IJLE classes: Japanese 100, Japanese 200)
  • Semi-intensive (4 classroom hours per week, 8 credits per semester) focuses on acquiring the knowledge of the core of the Japanese linguistic system. This course offers classes on all proficiency levels and is composed of four classroom hours/week. By combining with various applied skills classes based on their individual interests or needs, students in Japanese (Semi-Intensive) can also work on improving their four linguistic skills. The available applied skills classes are kanji, reading, composition, projects (speech, interview, fieldwork, local community interaction etc.). These classes are held once per week each;(Corresponding IJLE classes: Japanese 111, Japanese 112, Japanese 211, Japanese 212, Japanese 311, Japanese 312, Japanese 411, Japanese 412)
  • Introductory (2 classroom hours per week, 4 credits per semester) is offered on level 1 only and is composed of two classroom hours/week. These core language classes focus on acquiring the basic vocabulary and expressions necessary for daily life in Japan.(Corresponding IJLE classes: Japanese 121)

More information on Japanese Language Course Core Classes

1-2) Japanese Applied Skills Classes:
kanji, reading, composition, and projects among others (1 classroom hour per week for each course, 2 credits each for each course)

More information on Japanese Language Course Applied Skills Classes

2-1) Business Internship Program starting Spring 2018

In April 2018 NUFS launched a new Business Internship Program as part of the Global Japan Studies Course. Exchange and domestic student alike will learn about business practices at Japan's leading companies and selected students will then practice the knowledge and skills they have gained in the program through internships at the companies in question. The internships in Spring semester 2018 took place at Denso and Aisin AW.

This new program is built on three pillars: 1) acquiring academic knowledge on Japan’s manufacturing business from basics to practice, 2) giving a presentation at an actual Japanese company, and 3) an Internship.

The Internship goes far beyond a mere tour of the company. The aim of the internship is for students to gain understanding on the Japanese manufacturing practices through working on solving practical tasks.This unique academic course combines lectures, presentations and internship for both domestic and exchange students.
2-2) Japan Studies Course (JSC) Classes

English-taught courses exploring a wide range of topics related to contemporary and traditional Japan, such as business, arts, and tourism among others (1 classroom hour/week for each course, 2 credits/semester for each course).

Japan Studies Course Classes Offered in Academic Years 2018, 2019, 2020


Some English-taught courses for NUFS domestic students are also available to exchange students. These courses do not require a high English proficiency and are not therefore recommended for students with a native or near-native English proficiency. Further, these courses will not be included in the 7-classroom hour/week minimum, and can only be taken if the said minimum has been met with the Japan Language Course and/or Global Japan Studies Course classes detailed above.

L2 Course Classes Offered in Academic Year 2019

*1 classroom hour = 90 minutes

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