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Orientation for new incoming exchange students _Spring 2024

Post-Arrival Orientation Documents

Exchange students arriving in Japan for the spring semester 2024 should read the following documents carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

交換留学生オリエンテーション ~日本での学生生活~
Orientation for new incoming exchange students 1 ~Student Life in Japan~

交換留学生オリエンテーション2 ~住民登録の書類作成~
Orientation for new incoming exchange students 2 ~Resident Registration Paperwork~

Handbook for international Exchange Students

How to open a postal bank account

 Open a bank account after receiving a post-registration residence card at the International Office.
 アプリで口座を開設する場合 To open an account with the app
 銀行窓口で口座を開設する場合 To open an account at the bank counter
 ゆうちょ銀行MAP Japan Post Bank MAP

Medical Assistance Service Guide

NUFS Town Map

Click on the NUFS TOWN MAP below to see the location of NUFS campus, dormitories, nearby shops and hospitals on Google Map.
以下のNUFS TOWN MAPをクリックするとGoogle Map上でNUFSや宿舎の場所、周辺のお店や病院の情報を確認できます。

SIM card recommended by the bookstore "Maruzen" on campus

※ It is recommended that you get a SIM card with a telephone number as a Japanese telephone number is required to use the Medical Assistance Service (hospital search and interpretation service). The Medical Assistance Service can be used free of charge as often as you wish during your time at NUFS.

※ If you have any questions about this SIM card, please contact the company below. The International Office cannot respond to questions regarding SIM cards.
  Oplanning LLC 株式会社Oplanning -Campus SIM-

Useful Links

Nagoya City Transportation

  ・名古屋市営地下鉄 路線図 Nagoya Subway Map 

  ・名古屋市営地下鉄 乗り換え案内 Nagoya Subway Route Search * for PC * for smartphone

Train card

We recommend that you have a Suica, Manaca and/or Toica. They are useful for train rides and shopping. If you want to limit it to one of them, we recommend Suica as it has a wider range of use than others.

  ・Suica * mobile suica



Bus in Nisshin city

Aichi Prefecture Tourist Information